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Lodge Sothis

Lodge Sothis has been operating as a raised SOL Lodge for two years. It meets regularly on a monthly basis throughout the year, usually on the third Tuesday of the month. The meetings are held in rented accommodation shared with two other esoteric groups of other Traditions in Stalybridge, near Manchester.

The work is of an Egyptian/Alexandrian theme, and always incorporates a healing period. The latter is seen as an important service which the Lodge provides for all who request it. All healing requests are placed upon our Healing List and may remain there as long as necessary. Our one stipulation is that the person requiring healing must have asked for it.

Lodge Sothis has a regular membership of eight, most of whom also work together in other Traditions. The result of this is an exceptionally close-knit group. Lodge Officers are changed yearly, allowing members to gain experience in all positions. The personal development of all our members is of paramount importance, and since its inception, the work of Lodge Sothis has been guided in that direction.

For more details contact:

Andrew Docker



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