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Lodge Isis Brigantia

Lodge Isis-Brigantia is an SOL lodge that currently meets on a roughly six-weekly basis, in Carmarthen in South-West Wales. Although the majority of our members live in Wales, We do have members based further afield, in England. Our meetings are always on Sunday afternoons, giving members potential travel time on Sunday morning, if needed.

As our name implies, our patrons are the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and the Warrior-Goddess of Northern England, Brigantia.

Brigantia is often associated with the Pre-Roman Goddess of the British Isles, Brigid, but Brigantia herself has very particular qualities...

Isis, or Ast, is one of the best known and longest lasting Goddesses from the Egyptian Panthea, and as such carries with her enormous depth, subtlety and mystery, far beyond the popular image of her promoted during the later Greek and Roman Periods of Egyptian history.

Our work in Isis-Brigantia is similarly broad-based. We work both in the Egyptian tradition, and in the traditions of the British Isles, but also in the core Qabbalistic tradition of the Western Mysteries, as taught by our parent School, the Servants Of the Light, and we explore other traditions from time to time.

For people who have perhaps done some meditation already and would like to explore group work, Isis-Brigantia might be a suitable lodge. We encourage all our members to study magic, and to meditate on their own. Our purpose is to help our members to grow in the Light, and applicants are selected both on the basis of their needs, motivations and commitment, and on the ability to fit in well within the existing group.

For more details contact:

The South Wales Organiser
Email: IsisBrigantia@Servantsofthelight.org


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