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John Fox

C. V. for SOL "Solomon" magazine

John Fox first began taking an interest in the mystical and magical in the late 1940s by reading as many books on the subject as he could get hold of from public libraries. Even at that early stage he had become disillusioned with orthodox religion. In 1953 he was given his first present of an occult book and that was the start of a long fascinating journey that he travelled for the rest of his life on his path of spiritual exploration and discovery.

For a time took an active interest in Eastern philosophies but in 1970 decided that his true path was in the Western Mystery Tradition.

In 1972 he joined the AMORC organisation and whilst attending one of their national Conclaves in London, in late 1972, he met a man who lent him a book. That book was to be the trigger that opened up a spiritual doorway to an inner world of wonder. That book was the Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune. Though he has moved on from the works of Dion Fortune he nevertheless considered receiving that book to be an important moment in his life.

In the middle seventies he joined the SOL. and in 1979 he became a supervisor. In 1978 he joined the International Co-Freemasonic Order and continued to be a member for the rest of his life. In 1978 he joined the Traditional Martinist Order and a year later organised their first group in Nottingham.

In 1980 he met Elizabeth Anderton. Then with prompting and support from Dolores they began a series of successful workshops and lectures that culminated with the formation of "Sirius" in 1990. "Sirius was formed to bring magical/mystical workshops and speakers to the north of England. In 1990 he left the AMORC and the Traditional Martinist Order. In 1991 they added the British Martinist Order and the Order Militia Crucifera to their activities.

"Sirius" works closely with Dolores and has presented many of her United Kingdom Workshops in the north of England. The OMCE is an international mystical Order. The British Martinist Order is an international mystical Order following in the footsteps of Louis Claude de-St. Martin.

In 1992 Elizabeth and John were married and live in Saddleworth near Manchester in the north of England. John is survived by his wife three grown up daughters and one son by a previous marriage and a grandson by his youngest daughter. He was interested in history, photography, audio-visuals, kabalah and all aspects of the ancient mysteries.



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