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J. H. (Herbie) Brennan


Herbie BrennanHe began a journalistic career at age eighteen and at twenty-four became the youngest newspaper editor in his native Ireland. His early career background included magazine work, hypnotherapy, counseling, advertising and marketing.

Herbie Brennan trained in Qabalah with the Society of the Inner Light and with Helios, the immediate precursor of the Servants of the Light. With his wife, the therapist and author Jacquie Burgess, he was co-founder of Sacred Science, an informal movement dedicated to the investigation and promotion of the links between modern psychology and physics on the one hand and esoteric practice on the other.

Herbie has also had a lifelong interest in psychical research and is a member of the Society for Psychical Research in London. Following the publication of his early books on out-of-body experience and paranormal phenomena, he began a long working relationship with SoL's Director of Studies, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki that continues to this day.

The relationship led to a series of joint seminars on ritual, esoteric and spiritual practice which were quickly recognised as leading-edge investigation into mystical techniques. Dolores continues to teach with a packed seminar, lecture and workshop programme in the U.K. and the United States, but Herbie has currently withdrawn from this area of activity to concentrate on his own writing interests.

Today, much of their work together is concerned with Dolores' psychism which for many years now has allowed her to function as a high grade - and high level - Mediator. Their first joint book project, The Magical Use of Thought Forms, was published by Llewellyn in the U.S. in December 2001.

Herbie's first book on out-of-body experience, Astral Doorways, became a specialist best-seller and went on to become a classic in its field.

By his mid twenties, he had published his first novel, an historical romance brought out by Doubleday in New York. At age thirty, he made the decision to devote his time to full-length works of fact and fiction and since then has published more than sixty books, many of them international best-sellers.

Today he is a full-time author with an interest in transpersonal psychology, spirituality, comparative religion, reincarnation, esotericism, quantum physics and psychical research. He has broadcast and lectured widely throughout UK and Ireland.

His seminars have included modules on reincarnation research, the astral plane, dream work, healing, spiritual development, psychical research, sub-nuclear physics and magical training.

Herbie is as comfortable in the children's market as he is creating adult books, with an enviable track record for both fact and fiction. He has a keen eye for novelty, both in technology and market development. He was among the very first writers to create adventure gamebooks. His GrailQuest series has sold in the millions internationally... and is still going strong.

With a background that includes writing for radio, the creation of boxed games and computer software, perhaps his greatest strength is ideas, particularly in the diversification of publishing product into allied fields like audio or CD-ROM.

Herbie Brennan lives with his wife, the crystal therapist and author Jacquie Burgess, in an old rectory in Ireland.


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