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Lodge of the Tep Zepi

Tep Zepi is an ancient name given to 'The First Ones,' or the 'First Beginnings.'  Lodge of the Tep Zepi was established in eastern New York, and was formally raised in 2009.  It is based on pre-dynastic Egyptian traditions, as well as the Qabalah.  The focus of the lodge work is to renew the higher, esoteric ideals of Light and Liberty in this country and, by extension, throughout the world.  The Principles that formed the basis of democracy in America were not new in 1776.  Other people in many other lands held to the higher aspects of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness long before then.  However it was in America where these Principles developed deep roots and demonstrated that this base could cause  a country to thrive and allow her people to become strong.

We, of Lodge Tep Zepi,  feel that the time has come to renew, through the Western Mystery Traditions, these founding philosophies in America.  As the spiral turns, so must we adjust and restore the balance necessary for harmony as we continue to reaffirm the higher resonances of these beliefs.  To this end, we have established a website where those who would like to join this work may do so.  We invite your participation if you wish to support these ideals through the concepts of light, harmony, and balance. 

To learn more, contact Beverly and/or visit the Lodge Tep Zepi homepage, at the following addresses. Email: Lodge Tep Zep and homepage: Lodge Tep Zepi


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