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The Lodge of the White Dove



The Lodge of The White Dove was raised in November 2005, and is the second of our Scottish SOL lodges.   Our meetings are held on Friday evenings, in Edinburgh, and usually 6 times a year, but our current members also attend all the meetings of our other Scottish Lodge -- Lodge Bride.

Our Lodge ‘Contact’ / Patron is Odhran / Oran, one of St Columba’s monks on Iona, who was said to be a willing foundation sacrifice for the building of the church there.   The story goes that after 3 days he was disinterred, to be found very much alive, and in answer to questions put to him by Columba, he seemed to have somewhat rocked the proverbial boat, by replying that Heaven and Earth were not quite what they believed them to be, resulting in Columba promptly ordering him to be re-buried -- “lest he further blab!”   Such has so often been the fate of those who dare to rock the establishment by speaking of Truth!  A saying that is connected with Odhran is “The way we think it is may not be the way that it is at all!”   Like the Egyptian Deity Anubis, the archetypal guide upon the path, Odhran is also a walker between the worlds and an opener of the ways.   Odhran remains guardian of the sacred earth of Iona and he watches over the graves of the ancient Scottish Kings, and others, who are buried beside his Chapel near the Abbey.

Although Odhran is from the Celtic-Christian tradition, our Lodge is eclectic in its nature, and we will use material and influences from other traditions whenever it suits our purpose, weaving all together like the travelling soul-paths of the Celtic knot-work patterns.

As a Lodge we have an open attitude of enquiry as to Truth, for that which we know is but a very small portion of the Greater Truths.   An expansion of this portion produces Truth seen in a different light, and yet, if the whole of Truth were placed before us now, we would probably be unlikely to recognise it as making any real sense.  Never say that something is impossible, simply because we cannot accommodate it at present, through our limited perception.   In this way we will remain open to the unfolding of many mysteries and many truths.    We tend to work with several facets of a thing -- for there are many different pathways to the summit of The Great Mountain -- and to appreciate their similarities rather than stress their differences, accepting that they can work together for a higher purpose.    We also intend to ensure that all our members have the opportunities to utilise their unique gifts, within the Lodge, and to experience different techniques and some of the responsibilities involved in planning and leadership in ritual work, so that they will hopefully emerge better equipped in this area.  And like all of us in this work, we seek to establish a conscious working relationship between ourselves and our Inner Plane Teachers.

Our Lodge is a close knit one, for we have worked together for several years, even before our Lodge was raised.  However it remains open to SOL members and associates, although it will be necessary for new would-be-members to establish an appropriate relationship with existing members before being admitted to the Lodge itself.   Unlike Lodge Bride, we do not have an outer court.

For more information please contact: Heather



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