Michael Nowicki


Financial Director and Outer Plane Guardian

Born in Tarnopol Poland  on 27th of Feburary 1931
Parents; Franciszka Dziubanowsai & Wladyslaw Nowicki.
Educated until the outbreak of WW2 at a Jesuit run School.

During the occupation of Poland first by Germany and then by the Russians armies, he and his mother survived alone, his father (a military officer) having been seconded to the British army to serve as Aide de Comp to General, (later Field Marshal) Sikorski. After the war Michael and his mother were reunited with his father in England and made their home there.

In 1957 he met and married Dolores Ashcroft in London where she was studying at Trinity College of Music. Both their children, Tamara and Carl, were born in London and in 1961 they returned to live in the Channel Island of Jersey where Dolores had been born.  In 1964 they both entered the Society of the Inner Light and began their training in the Western Mysteries. They were initiated together in 1968 and thereafter continued training with Revd W.E.Butler later joining him in The Helios Course. In 1970 The Helios Course became The Servants of the Light with Revd Butler as its Director of Studies. Along with Olive Ashcroft (no relation) and Tom Oloman, Michael and Dolores were founder members of the new school.

In 1976 Revd Butler retired having elected Dolores as the Director of Studies and Michael as its Financial Director. Since that time Michael has dealt with the complex problems of running a non profit making Organisation and the day to day work such a school entails. Michael is a teacher and an Exorcist in his own right and for many years was the Magister of The Grand Lodge which met at Runnings Park Manor in Worcester. In addition he held workshops in London several times a year until 2004. Like Dolores, Michael shuns the idea of retirement and still maintains the financial reins of the SOL in his hands.